Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Doing things properly

After several months of learning from what I've read on the internet and trying to watch good players I've finally done the decent thing and signed up for some lessons. Having wisely chosen the improver's group not beginners I was pleased to find I was by no means the worst out of the three guys and two girls in the class. Especially as I'd signed up a week late so was starting on the back foot as it were. Initial impressions from the lesson were a bit strange as the last time I'd had any real basic instruction in any sport other than sailing was quite early on in school. Also my view of coaching in sailing has always been from a higher level of competence so the school mistress style of learning was a bit of a surprise. In hindsight the few one to one tips I received on my stroke and the general insight gained from the whole lesson were way more useful than ten games with a slightly better player.

The two or three good tips I have taken from the first lesson have given me plenty to go and practice by myself and lead to a better line of questioning planned for the next lesson in order to get the most out of the coach. I am also planning to look for some one to one coaching after the course is over.